Monday, November 24, 2008

3 years

I hate it when he mentioned the three years,
Because it only brings back all the memories,
All the pain I have suffered along the way,
And to know that he wants more out of me,
To know that I will be disappointing him again,
Worst of all,
To catch glimpses of him,
Watching me,
Watching him sink lower,
With horror of disappointments,
For I carry with me,
A treasure that he wished he had,
Only to see me put to waste...
I loved him so,
Far worse, I love what he thought me very much,
But everytime I try to reach the stars,
I fall lower than the ground I stand upon,
I wasted 3 years of his time,
3 years of his presence here for me when I was down,
3 years of him replacing my hurt with notes and dynamics,
3 years of wanting me to please his ears with my melody,
3 years of needing to prove to him that I have a promise to keep,
3 years only to know that,
I am nothing whatsoever he wanted...

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