Wednesday, November 19, 2008


You told me you don't anymore,
I swallowed those hurtful words,
And with the help of my friends,
I moved on in life,
I am nothing but pure contentment,
With whatever I have,
Whatever I achieved,
Then you go and come around,
Saying you wanna be friends again,
Thinking that you really meant it,
Till today you told me what you intended,
You loved me still that's why you came back into my life,
You ignored my question,
Pretending you never said that sentence,
I don't know what to think,
I only know that you're unfair,
Because you hold on to the grudge of something I did,
Whereas I have showered you with love more than whatever I've done,
You had your mistakes too,
Hurtful ones with other girls,
Funny they never mattered to me,
Because I loved you so,
As of now....
You scare me,
For who you are,
For who I loved,
I hate that I love you so.

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