Monday, November 24, 2008

The eve...

As brave as I can be,
But when he sat me down sternly.
I revealed my cageless heart,
That I am nothing but a cowardice behind that mask,
The truth that spoke through my eyes tonight,
Showed him how weak I actually am,
The moment he noticed,
My trembling hands as I held my scores.

Its not that I have not tried,
Nor is it that I have not put enough efforts,
He's right yet again,
For it is not the fault of my voice,
But the fault of my soul,
I have yet to communicate,
Music and my soul together as one,
And everytime I look over my book and notice the player,
I fall even lower,
To know that my guardian is no longer there,
And will not be there to tell me how to sing,
Nor to give me that very prayer I badly need.

This torment I have tonight,
Is far harder to overcome than I thought,
As the eleventh hour strucked on the wall,
I dabbed my handkerchief on my tear stained cheek,
For it is indeed a nightmare,
To be afraid of something I love and cherish,
And to face something that makes an impact in my life,
With people who will not understand me...

The long conversation we had tonight,
Made me realise that I have taken many for granted,
Sadly its too late now for me to make ammendments,
For my time has come to face that stage,
A stage in which I will act upon,
With strangers I will not understand,
And floweth my vibrato moderato forte...
Within the four walls of that solemn hall,
Leaving behind me,
Nothing but the echoes of the una corda by the pianist...

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