Sunday, March 1, 2009

What happens?

I'm finally ill. Lost my voice which means I'll have no other way of talking, no method of shutting my thoughts off and not listening to other people. I asked myself, what happens when April comes? What happens when it's all over? What do you do, and where does that lead you?

It's March. I'm freaking out, I have no idea what happens when it's over. Let go, let go, I told myself, let go, but why am I drawing myself nearer? It's certainly not an effective method of letting go by going nearer. Will I make it? Because at this point, I feel as though I'm allowing myself to float to the realms of insanity.

Is it true that just because of what black episode of your life you cannot go forward and make better ones? I just can't seem to find the way out right now. What am I not doing that is preventing me from letting go?

We text, we meet, we talk, we love............ what does it take to make it happen?

It's just one person. A person out of the many chosen at that point of time, a person whom you once shared your heart and love with who doesn't with you anymore. Why is it so difficult to let go?

I still wear his heart for the memories. But here's the question, what does it take to let go?

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KIT SING said...

Hope u are okay. Should you need an ear or two, I'm just a call away.

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