Friday, March 20, 2009


Today's choir practice wasn't that smooth. I couldn't play the songs impromptu. I didn't expect to be a stand in pianist. But I was really impressed by Peggy. She woke up late yet she rushed the heck out of her life and got to the meeting. Peggy, if you're ever reading this, you're the best! I've never met a leader like you. :)

After choir was over, I was really drained, and still am actually. I've not slept since yesterday from 5am till now its nearing today's two pm. I moved into my room last night, I think I need to spend a few nights alone to just be with myself. I asked Ying kuan and Pauline whether they know how to get to where they had to go, they looked so blurr. Gawd, how can they even let two poor young girls figure their way like that? But I had fun sending them to their destination, they are very nice people.

This morning I drove off to college without sleep. I guess I really slept off at one point while driving, cos the next thing I knew the truck opposite of me was flashing his lights and honk the heck out of me. Then after that its as thought I didn't know what was brakelight? Cos the car in front was stopping and I kept going. geez.....

After dropping the two babes off, I was washed out entirely. I parked my car and I remember what they said "Remember to eat! To save your hair!" LOL!! Reminds me of my ex room mate.. "Kate moss!! Eat ah!" but these days, I prefer to be hungry. I'm not a lunatic, I mean it... I know when I'm depressed and when I need help. But for now, I'm okay with it. It keeps me alive.

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