Saturday, March 21, 2009

No idea

I did not sleep for a night on Thursday. How can I after that horrible argument? It was seriously poop. Took up half my focus which led me to force myself to stare straight into my law notes for my exam. Friday morning looking at my law paper and I was like @.@ but I did what I could. Answered it as fast as I could and got the heck to choir.

After sending them to where the place of camp were to be, I headed off to find a spot to nap. Couldn't drive no more, too risky. Sadly, I couldn't sleep. My mind was just too jammed up with everything. Xy text me and asked me out to pasar malam. On my way to her place, I started trembling and I took the short cut, you know the one near STM? yeah... so many humps and I kinda lost control there for abit. Got to her place and we headed off to pasar malam. While we were strolling, I started sweating like a sick puppy. Didn't buy much though, didn't feel like eating anything.

Xy and I headed to this Chinese shop we always go to. I had some satay, ah, finally some food in my tummy. Headed home and I sprawled in bed till today morning. Got up to prepare to start on my assignment but, after my bath I felt horrible, took a pill and went to bed. Gosh, I was shivering like mad. Slept for about four hours? Getting up and falling off again and again...

Came down after awhile, thats when mom was like pretty upset. She said, "I watched you last night when I came over to take your books and things away from your face, your lips were blue, you looked dead, what on earth happen to you?"

I can't say anything now can I? Accept looked at her @.@

She left the room saying, "I regretted giving you that nude lipstick, cos I thought that was your real lip color all along till last night"

Sweat........ why was she upset for? I didn't know I was sick till then... =.=

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