Monday, March 16, 2009


I've never been so hardworking before. *sobs* There's just so much to do and I'm not doing enough with the time I have. And that's just my studies in college, not forgetting my vocal and piano lesson which I am starting to slack these days. I find that I am procrastinating but I'm not entirely sure if that's what I am really doing because nothing seems to be lazy on my list so far and the only time I lay still is when I'm just too tired that I gotta sleep.

There's got to be a way out of all these juggling. I've not been practicing my piano and I am so dead, I've not memorised a single song I promised. I've not completed a single Economics assignment what more begin my revision? Shucks....there's just too much to do. I regretted delaying my Law assignment for so long. Here I am now, quarantined myself for 8 hours in the college library just to do nothing but my assignment and my one weekend late business tutorial. I need to practice my piano exam pieces and my voice is so horrible since that bad inflammation and I've yet to work it out to sing properly again.

What have I been doing? I don't know. I always have something to do. But I admit that the previous weekend you know the one with the Monday holiday... I really took that weekend off to sleep. Yes, I finally slept. And last weekend, well I watched Dragonball on Thursday, Love matters on Friday and spent time with mom on Saturday. Is that procrastination? You tell me :-s

I'm so dead, I feel like dying. My hands ache from all these load of writing. LOL and I'm typing right now. I'm so bored of looking at words. And I have a test this Friday. My mom asked me this morning, "You said you're happy being so hectic, are you still happy now?" Well, I am tired and in trouble, alot of trouble in fact, but am I still happy? Yes I am. No doubts about that. Why? I don't know. I chose my round of fun, I chose my round of hell. So I had fun, now I face hell. It's a cycle ain't it?

Well, wish me luck that I'll survive! Toodles!

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