Friday, March 20, 2009

My eyes

They used to wander,
Trying to make everything better for those in need,
Didn't know it would be thought by others,
That these eyes are in their way,
These eyes are stopping them,
These eyes are creating hate...

I met you today,
I'm done with pretending,
My throat burnt struggling to make a sound,
I stared throughout the night yesterday,
My lenses fitted me with piercing pain,
They are all red and painful,
Their master forcefully irrigating their nerves,
But no one's going to know,
When you look into my eyes now,
Cos you wont see anything,
And I wont let you see anything

She said we'd patch up,
The other she said I should've released my anger physically,
He said he doesn't know,
He said, she said,
But I said,
I don't know what you want,
And I will never know,
Because you think of me otherwise,
Before we could even communicate,
So I chose to leave,

But no one would have a glimpse at those eyes again.

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