Thursday, March 19, 2009


I want to post this because I want to remember the sentences that I had spat in my face today.

1. when I mentioned to have a slot for Saturday >>> "She's desperate"

2. when I mentioned a performance >>> " You're mean"
" You're harsh"

3. when I voiced the injustice >>> "What difference does it make even if I come to practice tomorrow?"

4. when I announced I would like to retire and was stating problems >> "I thought you said you retired?"

Seriously, from the two main people I cherished and loved, I hope you know how hurting you are yet again and disrespectful and inconsiderate.

A little add on to that particular someone, don't tell me lies just to pacify me for that one moment. Don't tell me you'll tell D to do etc, etc, etc, and you'll be there for me. And after when I asked you again for reassurance, you twist and turn your words and pretended the promises you made never happened. I'm not a kid J, I'm not, so quit being a jerk and be a man. I'm not a barbie doll. You lied more than once, and you're testing my relationship with you. I'm a person who hates crying, but you certainly succeeded in making it a habit for me. And I was right, you should've stayed ten yards away from me. You're just you, and you'll never change, you always overlook at other people's feelings and not bother thinking about how they would face after that. Let me repeat who am I to you for real, I'm just trash to you, J. Admit it.

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