Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sometimes, there are people in this world that would just not stop lying to you. They think lying to you is making you happy for that moment. Well, what happens after that moment? The truth of course. On Tuesday, I had a very successful choir practice, really, I was very impressed with the attendance and the cooperation I had. I slept in class, got down to get coffee during class break and strived through the rest of the day. On Tuesday night, I got worried, what if they forget the parts again? No, I cannot let this happen, they are always losing it after getting that little progress. I called Peggy and she called the rest of the part leaders to arrange a small meeting for the next day.

I asked her later that night if everybody agreed. She said yes, I was more than happy when I heard Sheryi would be joining us too. I met Jieguan online. He said hopefully he can come and stuff...then I told him if its transportation and disturbing his mom I would gladly pick him up from home despite the distance. The conversation ended there which was then Darren came online. He had a shock that Jieguan agreed to my meeting because the cf was having one too at the same time frame. Okay, I didn't want to jump into conclusions so soon, so I called Jieguan and even texted him but to no avail.

Wednesday, my schedule was supposed to be like this :

8am-10am --- Class
10am-12pm--- Break
12pm-2pm--- Class
2pm- 3pm--- Teaching

because I thought everybody agreed, it turned into this:

8am-10am--- Class
10am-12pm--- Teaching
12pm-2pm--- Class
2pm---Go back to Seremban for meeting

Which of course, I was half an hour late for my afternoon class...

I got to Parkson where the leaders were supposed to meet. Jieguan told Peggy he is very busy and will come later. I glanced at my watch and it was already 3.02pm while the meeting was supposed to be 2.30pm.

Talk about respect. Pooh!

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