Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's promise

This weekend, I spent my valentine's with E and A. Never would I have expected to know the other side of the story of what me and A would've have become if I were to know it sooner before we split up even as friends. It would've been a massive change if we were together, that'll mean G would not be in my picture at all. Its so melancholic that I don't know which one I'd wish for. A is really different now that we've met. But the damage is done, I wish this girlfriend of mine whom I grew up with would one day stop making up stories and causing people heartaches because she sure torn the both of us apart.

What's over is over, I only look forward to my future. Valentine's is just valentine's. What I seek is eternity and commitment. But I must say, it was a wonderful weekend. We all patched up pretty well, though I couldn't really get to talk to K... I still can't get in touch with him till now. Sigh..

I remembered the heart shaped wax when we were lying on the field last night, and the heart shaped lollipop. The human nature, rather ridiculous at times, you really adore one person yet your ego tells you to do another. And now, there's nothing worth to be regretting about. Because its over.

A friendship is what I seek between us for now, and it should be the best. You're never serious, and I can never know when you really mean what you said. Even with that promise we made, I somehow know you'd just break it soon...

But I breathe in the night's air. I take in the breathtaking view of the stars, and I cherish our moment to catch up. As for the promise, I quote my friend D, time will tell.

And yes, time will tell if you're true to your heart.

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