Friday, February 20, 2009


I love you very much. You are a wonderful friend, please don't ever forget that. But you will always disappoint me the most. I don't care who else you disappoint, I don't care what others say about you, but this is between me and you. It's me we're talking about. You blamed me despite everything. Your father didn't understand, I get it, But you? You gotta be kidding me.

After five to six months of being with you, with intentions to give you comfort, support and a person to share problems with, you treated me as such when it comes to cf. We laugh, we joke, we play, we sing, we go nuts, remember the times at my house? Remember the times we had fun? But what are those to you whenever work comes stumbling and then you blame me for what has happened? I was always here for you, waiting on you..

Don't give me excuses about calling me. I see you every Tuesday, nowadays Wednesdays, and you tell me you can't speak to me about anything at all? Gosh, I spent a night at your home. You were next to me the whole time. When I was sulking over the superglue stuck on my hands, you could've said something about whatever that has been going on.

Why are you letting everything I built for you go? Was I nothing but an invisible person to you? Please, save me from this misery. I'm confused whether I helped you or did I murder you faster?

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