Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's a lil melodramatic tonight. Yeah, tonight was the Holka Polka sketch in my college. And yesterday was I's birthday.. He was upset that his birthday went on horribly and things weren't working out especially when we were all arguing last minute during our final rehearsal. Things didn't go well for my work as well, I headed to Giant then and spotted a cake that was written " Special Chocolate" and immediately thought of him who loved chocolate.

I headed straight to college and contacted M and plotted the rest of the scenario. Yep, I tricked I saying that I needed help carrying some costumes and lured him to the N block. I succeeded in covering up my tracks in not letting him know that I was the culprit behind it all.

During make up before the grand opening of the drama, little did I know that he needed kisses on his face to show that princesses have tried breaking the spells with their kisses. Humpty Dumpty was instructed to do it and of course there was a havoc and roars of laughter that made the attempts fail endlessly. In the end, I had to do it. Yep, someone mentioned my name and I was the guinea pig. I did it of course, I'm the kind of person who would just want to get the ball rolling no matter what it takes.

But I'm upset, towards the end I busted myself. I accidentally announced that I went to Giant. He found out I was the one who bought the cake. But does it matter even if he finds out? He thanked me in an SMS about me saving him from Humpty's lips. But does it matter anymore when he went down to the hall and announced to people that it was a horrifying moment? I mean, come on, I know I'm not those hot girls that you adore, well that's not whom I would want to be even in my next life. It was done for the sake of art, and I bought you the cake with surprises to make you happy.

I'm sorry you had to put up with me then. I just wish you would know that I was really okay after whatever I had to do for the sake of this drama tonight, but it wasn't okay anymore. You wouldn't know would you? Yeah, horrifying moment... put the blame on me alright? I hope you enjoyed the rest of the show,because all I ever wanted was a dose of respect and not a thank you that you type and express another in public.

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