Friday, February 13, 2009


Never would I have thought that he would actually think I liked him. It was a mixture of humour and disgust when he proposed that question. I was getting very uncomfortable as to just being a friend and nothing more, yet, he said certain things I did made him thought so. It's funny how people repay your generosity with a negative shock. Come on , buying him a cake is something normal to me and what I usually do to my friens. And yes, bear in mind I'm a type of girl who would go great lengths to surprise my friends. However, I'm upset too because the situation is now very awkward. I was grateful the times he consoled me of my grandfather's death but I never looked pass our status as good friends and never would. I wonder if he's just born vain or should I be lucky for being accused?

Because neither of it,would be a dice I'd want to roll in this game.

I never expected K to be telling him how I felt, but I know she only meant well for I was annoyed. I'm just sick and tired of my pile of work and the last thing I'd want is a confusion between my perspective of him as a friend and a crush. I've only loved one person in my life so far and I know where it led me to. I'm sorry, but don't flatter yourself, my heart's still closed =)

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