Monday, February 23, 2009


So many people dying,
So many people getting hurt,
Their eyes are full of hate,
Their hobbies are to kill,
Life is like a rolling stone to them,
And death is something they enjoy watching.

Loving the sound of crashes,
Adoring the sounds of death,
Inviting more angels of death,
Allowing more people to die,
It is the latest entertainment in town,
I can smell death everywhere.

They tried to get me too,
I survived unharmed,
But no matter how fast you run,
All they have to do is just walk behind you,
Their cynical laugh ascends..
And soon you'll have nowhere to run,
They'll lick your pool of blood splattered,
That is what they call a healthy snack.

The world is cruel,
It is not just brutal,
It is way beyond any inhumane attributes,
We're all victims,
But we are also the culprits,
How fast can we run,
How long can we hide,
Till the Messiah saves us again?

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