Thursday, April 9, 2009

My lion...

I'm really happy with my music progress. Yesterday I sat down and just put myself in the position picturing I am performing with 3 other bandmates to sing Lion Sleeps Tonight. Just a blank paper and mechanical pencil infront of me and walahh.. I got it! I'm so happy... the pictures that ran across my minds were confusing... A bar... drunkards... girl strolling at the garden whistling.. mother singing to the baby.. a girl fearing to love's just all it.. :D

"Hust my darling" reminds me when mom used to calm me down when I cried over G in the middle of the night... ".....don't fear my darling" tells me that everything's gonna be alright. Believe it or not, I wrote whatever I felt... and how my lifestyle is.. especially the "awimmoweh" resembles my busy schedule..on going never ending... and after the choir, it marks an end of my not letting go... "ahhhhhhhh (soprano) " my life slows down to a paceful tempo.. where normal human beings could breathe in.

Many many reasons why I came back for the choir. Guess that's just me... not wanting to see the cf fall...not wanting to see anyone disappointed, stuff like that. But this time, my coming back, I'm happier. I had cooperative people. They are more humane, and I enjoy my work, really. The challenges of music, voice difficulties... obstacles of coordination. It feels like paradise whenever I work with so many voices.

Exams are nearing, and their competition too. Everything marks an end... everything is about to end. My life is about to end. I told my sis that we both ought to go on a vacation after my exams. I confessed to her that I may be strong and tough but losing him has been haunting me ever since he left. My life is a drama and it's not OK to pretend I'm OK all the time. So yeah she's taking me to Langkawi after my exams. She understands me best cos she's been hurt the same way at the same time too. But she's found her new love. Mine's yet to come. A new life is going to begin very soon... I don't want to forget those who are involved in my current life, especially D, J, and many others... I just want to forget the painful past and be able to admit that "the lion sleeps tonight" and will never wake again.

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