Tuesday, April 7, 2009


No it's not okay,
I cannot be a fool,
Please do not make me call you again,
It torments me even more,
I am recovering very well,
So hush my darling,
Don't remind me darling,
That you are not my baby.

Don't strum that guitar,
Don't hum a single tune to me,
What's not for work,
Lay it off far from me,
Leave, get out,
All you memories,
All the things you said,
Promises you broke.

Yes, my license is expiring,
And I can't wait for it to expire,
Before my feelings for you aspire,
For that will be another dread to pay,
I wanted so much out of us,
That made me still remain at where I am now in life,
Tried to move on but still standing here.

So go find your new love,
May it blossom well,
I only want you to be happy,
But please do not torment me,
I am nothing but someone whom you mistrust,
I want nothing but my own life back,
And only hope for pure love to return someday.

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