Monday, July 16, 2012

Missing Piece

Sometimes I wonder why we clicked. Z and I are two very different people. Unfortunately, two things in common, egoistic and short tempered. I remembered our first few months of relationship we’d quarrel endlessly, but then again, those were one of my best memories with each other.

I love how we’ve both come this far. Three years down this road had not been easy. Here’s a tip, don’t threaten to end it. You’ll hurt each other more than you thought you have.  That’s something we both agreed not to do to each other. We are pretty comfortable where we are right now; close friends may even laugh and pass us off as old married couple.

What I miss most are those times we strive to make memories as if it was just us against the world. I miss the times we spent in Nilai walking down the lane to that roadside Economy Rice stall or that time we spent making recordings and laughing at each other.

Some claim that I am young and I expect all these petty things out of a relationship. To me, these are the things I’d like to carry with me as we share our mugs of coffee in a rocking chair when our kids have their own kids and all we have left to do, is to sit back and watch the sun go down.

A friend asked me if my current boyfriend is for real. I asked her, "What do you mean for real?" and she replied, "Someone you've decided to walk down the aisle with?" I smiled and shrugged, "Hah, we'll see what happens I guess?"

When I was in Primary School, I attended piano lessons and my teacher had always had a mug which she keeps her pencils on the table, I managed to find a picture of it. Believe it or not, I always stared at the words when I was forced to focus on my Theory homework. In due time, I actually lived it.

After so many years, and of course a year of hurt and complicated past relationship, I've learnt to lower my expectations in relationships. Often reflecting Mom and Dad, I never dared to hope. Guess that's why I never dared to hope anything out of us but to only pray and ask God to tell me what's next. I truly feel free writing about it here! :P Simply because he doesn't read my blog nor have a link to it! :P Guess I never dared to give it to him nor did I think that he would be interested. 

So after that day, I asked myself what is he in my life?

I want to be that missing piece in his life and I pray that he is the missing piece in mine. I dare hope I find someone that looks forward to snoozing that alarm clock with me and does whatever it takes to make the other person happy. I am very grateful to have this not-so-easy-to-please man in my life, because somehow he balances my world again. I'm definitely not an easy pleasing person as well!  Despite all the compromise we make for each other, we make it work. Not forgetting the few huge "hurricanes" we encountered with each other and we strive past it. 

What I pray now is that we strive for more memories ahead as we embark on the 4th year together. I want this jigsaw puzzle to be more than just a thousand pieces but so much that it contains a lifetime of story and that we hold the missing piece to each other.

Truly touched by David Choi’s original music, Missing Piece tonight. Have you found your missing piece? How do you know if they are the one? =)


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