Saturday, January 7, 2012

Old Flame

Met up with a close friend of mine yesterday. If you have been following my blog since early 2008, then you should know the infamous, D by now. D came back from the States a few weeks ago and we finally had the chance to catch up, if you're reading this D, thanks for the coffee and yes I am still not used to Starbucks. Haha! :P

Good ol' D, always giving me space to share my thoughts and feelings, it wasn't long till we started talking about someone whom I use to know pretty well. Somehow it got me thinking tonight, of some things I have shared with this person. He used to be someone I could share my worries with when we were still in school and soon, one thing led to another. Unfortunately things turned ugly and we are no longer in touch. I remembered during those messed up times, there were exchange of words that one may not be able to move on...

However, I want to give credit to my darling even though he may not be perfect too, one thing that he did that made me realize for the past 2 years, is that when he set his eyes on me, he set his priorities straight too. I was once very insecure between him and his best friend, and he did all he could to assure me. That was something that we couldn't have back then, I always felt insecure. Its so different now with darling.

The future may seem shaky for me and my darling right now, but I sure am very glad that Z came into my life. Though I moved on pretty well before I met him, whatever we shared and still share is really so different, so fresh that I have no room to keep the past in mind. I thank God for taking control of things in my life, and knowing what's best for me. Even if there comes a day that we both may fall out of love (I hope not), I am just very contented with the memories I have of us in my heart and mind at this present state.

As for that someone I used to know, I pray that you will find love and that it will all work out for you. I still care and I always will, thank you for being a good friend when I needed one back then. I hope that one day, you can leave all the hate and anger behind and remember some of your old friends, and I sure would like to be one of them. :)

This is a night for me to again, count my blessing. I am very blessed with a pretty lame but loving darling, and a buddy who still listens to all my crap after all these years. :P

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