Friday, January 27, 2012


I danced, I laughed, I smiled,
Your gaze was locked with mine,
Those were the days when you knew you fell in love,
Those were the days I knew you fell in love...

The endless hours of conversation,
It felt like there's no tomorrow,
The skyrocketing phone bills,
Our furious parents,
We couldn't care less,
Those were the days...

You held my hand for the first time,
We walked into the night and sat by the swing,
We watched kids pass by,
We witnessed the glorious sun go down,
And as the moon rise up,
We were with each other,
Those were the days...

Two years have gone by,
You are still by my side,
But that hand that once held me,
Is not the same as how it once felt,
The endless conversation,
Has found its ending,
And I have failed to find the beginning,
To even try to begin with...

However, some things have always kept us together,
I will never know whether it is by the power of the Almighty,
But I am here still because I am certain of my own heart,
That I have fallen in love with you since the day you wrote to me,
And I have loved you even more each day...

I wish you would come back to me,
The whole of you, not just the tangible you,
I pray you'd see it in my eyes that my heart aches to be loved,
And that I want to grow old with you,
I yearn for a little more comfort from you,
To end my misery of having you as mine,
But not quite mine...

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