Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Ending Wish

Today I was having dinner with a close friend of mine. We chose to dine at Lavender's. As we entered the restaurant, I fell in love with the decoration and settings of the place. It wasn't long till I started thinking to myself, how great this place would be if I were to be proposed to here. I suppose my imagination went wild after watching quite a number of romantic movies. But then again, as I look at my relationship with my other half at present, this is what I really hope to have one day.

The journey with each other have not been the least easy since the beginning. I guess this is what people meant by opposite attract. It's been over two years now, and in 3 months we would be approaching our 3rd year together. As I watched these movies, I wondered, will I have my happy ending some day? Perhaps 5 years down the road as I read this post again, I'd feel all foolish and immature but this is what I'm feeling right now, a 22 year old girl on her 3rd year relationship.

But I know no matter how much I want this happy ending to happen, God is in control, and that if it is His will for us to be together till the end of times, I'm sure he'll work something out between the both of us. It is indeed very difficult for me to put my whole trust in Him. I really love this man, and I really do want to spend the rest of my life with him. The flaws we each have, they come in between us without fail. The more we tolerate, the harder it becomes. There are times when I felt that I have sacrificed too much for us. There are times that I just felt like giving up and move on with the things I love in life. But I'm still holding on to the words my loved one once said, "I love you, and no matter whether you can sing or not, I still love you." Simple words, but they meant a lot to me. And I hold them dearly to my heart.

What the future lies remains unclear, but I do pray that we both pray to Him to continuously bless us and teach us to appreciate each other and to love each other more. I pray that someday, this little happy ending of mine would come true. Silver and gold I don't require, but a loving family is what I pray for. Even though mom and dad are divorced, but they gave me a loving family for the past 15 years of my life, and I'd love to give that to my children and theirs their own too.

Let's hope this happens some day! :)

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Cindy said...

amen and amen!

Vaga Luna said...

Thanks love! :)

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