Monday, April 18, 2011

We're almost home.

We've been through years of struggle,
Countless wars and pains,
Just a few more leaps,
And we're there,
We're almost home

The lines on your face and hands,
Reminds me who I am ,
And who am I to become,
The veins on your arms,
Tells me what a mother you are,
We're almost home

No matter how the world sees us,
You kept me strong,
Even when you're weak, you gave m e strength,
Whenever we gave up,
We laughed it off and kept pushing forward,
We're almost home.

It has been hard,
It gets harder as the day goes by,
But it's all worth it when I'm with you,
You gave me hope in the midst of disappointments,
Like a toddler learning how to walk,
You guided me,
We're almost home.

I believe our race for happiness is almost here,
Just need to win this race,
I worry for you,
And you worry for me,
Lord please keep us both save,
Mum, we're almost home.

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