Monday, April 11, 2011

Servant Heart

A friend of mine told me, that she didn't want to sacrifice her time participating in any sidekick roles for a play. As I was hearing this, I reflected on a lot of things. Back when I first came to Banting, I felt that every one's wasting my time. I felt that I deserved better. Then when my pastor gave me a chance to serve, I felt that they should all listen to me when I coach voice, because I'm doing it for free. It wasn't long till I got into trouble, misunderstandings and arguments with the ministry. I was pretty disappointed because I felt that I did not fit in with the crowd. I even stopped serving for a couple of months because I thought that this church wasn't meant for me anymore.

As I spent those few months down there as part of the congregation, I realized how great our God is, He can make use of us anytime and also use someone else whenever we think we are too great for something. When I stopped coaching voice and serving, the team went on week after week. Then I realized that I'm not so great after all.

You know, sometimes we tend to overlook the minor roles in life. I met another pastor's daughter last week and I asked her, 'Do you serve in your church?' she humbly replied, 'Yes, I'm just an usher' In most churches that I have been to ( I'm not generalizing) , most pastor's kids have a certain responsibility or role to play in church. But this is my first time hearing a Pastor's child saying, "I'm just an usher". I was touched by her humbleness to serve in such manner, a person who did not want much of a name but just humbly serving God by welcoming people at the door every Sunday.

It was then I figured, it's not the talents that God has given us made us great, but its the heart that we have, that servant heart to serve Him and His people. We can have all the talents in the world, but if we think too much of ourselves and our sacrifices, we are not serving in proper manner. It's just when Jesus took those beatings for us before He was nailed upon the cross, what if He thought of Himself being a Son of God and did not deserve such sacrifice? If the lady thought much about her sacrifice, then she wouldn't have broken her most expensive alabaster jar to wash Jesus' feet. Our Father takes into account of every little thing we do despite how small the role may be. Thank You Father for enlightening me once again. :)

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