Sunday, January 17, 2010

Driving Dreams

We spend our lives hoping to please other people
We spend our lives hoping to make another person smile
Sometimes the barb wires are just too hard to cut loose
And situations are just too tensed to actually "hope" to solve
I get so tired striving for my dreams
Because when we truly feel happy, there's always a price to pay for,
When we truly want something, there's always something to give in return,
Am I prepared to give what it takes in order to get what I want?
Am I capable of unleashing the hidden dark side of me
For once ignoring the fact that I would be erasing a smile of satisfaction from another
In order to create one for my own?
What is life when you don't get what you want?
When is it the time for you to achieve?
Lastly, how do we achieve
If we have to worry about everyone around us
Causing us to think a million years before daring to make the first step
And when we do make the step...
It might be just too late...

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V$eRn said...

good post. damn true le wei ..haih..

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