Sunday, July 31, 2016

The quiet one.

Joanna knew she had chosen to be with someone quieter. Leaving behind her wild days,all she wanted as she make her way into adulthood was to be with someone stable and mature and most importantly less drama.

She never thought much when she she met Jake through one of her childhood friends. In fact, the hangouts with Jake only happened because her buddy Sarah insisted.  Joanna had just gotten out of a relationship at that time. But somehow, Jake just made Joanna happy with little effort.

Seven years passed and still going strong. It was never an easy relationship. Six months into the relationship, Joanna knew that Jake was different. Jake wasn't just a man of few words.

Shutting behind her,broken pasts and disappointments, Joanna had always been bubbly and outgoing. But Jake, Jake was different. Joanna soon sat through  quiet dates where they would share a meal and go no further than how was your food.

Many times Joanna nudged and hinted Jake to be a little more romantic with her. But he never understood and Joanna often find herself in tears because she felt that she had worked so hard for each other. A resourceful person as always, Joanna tried to find ways to keep the relationship young and fun not willing to allow it to fall into too much of a comfort zone.

Jake had never really introduced Joanna to his friends. Jake had always been difficult at parties and gatherings. He would always be the odd one out either playing with his phone or super focused on his food. Joanna's family did not understand why Jake would not even try to create conversations. His quietness soon strained the relationship.

You see, Jake is an introvert. Now Joanna hated labels but Jake knew he had to make Joanna see who he really is and finally told her how he feels as an introvert.

Autumn came and Joanna went on a company trip to Australia. A breath of fresh air would help clear her mind, she thought. Few days later she texted Jake to see how he was doing.

When she got home,she realized that Jake had cleaned her apartment and pressed all her work clothes. Wrapping her cold hands around a warm mug of tea she began to reflect...

Jake would always clean after her knowing her busy schedule. He would scoop her out of bed on days she wished life wasn't so hard. He'd bake with her even though she'd never once fail to become a snappy lioness in the kitchen. He'd give up his weekend to chauffeur her around and with a little bit of pleading....massage her sore feet.

Jake's the kinda guy who'd choose his battles. He's the kinda guy who would defend what matters most to him. He's the kinda no of guy who'd let Joanna have her way but voice out to put her back on track when he needs to.

He's the kind of guy who speaks so little to the world but never fail to whisper loving words in Joanna's ear every chance he get. He's the odd guy out at a party but he's the crazy guy with funky dance moves when he's in the car with her.

One morning Joanna said, "I'd wish you'd talk more so I won't be the only one blabbering all day " Jake said, "There are some days I get out of bed and I just feel so tired because I spoke too much last night"

Joanna wondered if she could spend the rest of her life with someone like Jake. Her closest friends sometimes tell her to look for someone better, someone more responsive.

Staring out at her window tonight, Joanna knew that this was the partnership she longed for. Jake didn't love her any less just because he was not a romantic. Jake was no less as committed as she was. He just showed love in ways he knew how. Most importantly, he loved her in so many ways that flowers nor love letters could compare.

Love. We accept each other. We compromise and we embrace.the good, the bad, the ugly, the odd and the difficult. Sometimes it's not just about him sweeping off your feet like you'd see on TV. Nobody said this partnership was easy.

Similar to him lifting her out of bed on bad days and sitting by her through fever episodes never leaving her side, Joanna woke up one Saturday morning and went up to Jake with her ha nds around his neck and said, "So would you like a chatty morning or a quiet one today, love?"

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