Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coloring flowers

When reality hits me hard, and I need a good laugh, there's always someone who makes me go rolling and FOREVER on Google Talk. And I mean, FOREVER. Period.

We are two random buddies who can talk shit and go emo within 40 seconds. :P

This particular conversation begun like this:

Charmaine: Sigh, I see lovers around me, so lovey! Tagging each other in statuses.
Weisern: LOL same case lar, my best friend no longer like my post or status anymore.
I feel kinda weird actually, emo moments....
I miss those days..

Charmaine: Hmm ok. I actually meant that I don't get to be so lovey despite having a boyfriend,
but OKAY...

Weisern: Yea lar, sometimes those little things are what that matters most.

Charmaine: Aww Weisern, if only you were the man of my dreams...

And we both went :


Yes, this is a random post.
Other readers may not understand this, but hey, you know who you are when you're reading this and that's all that matters!

Weisern, this post is dedicated to you, may you not feel left out though you're in India, and in some ways, thank you for being such a nice online buddy!

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V$eRn said...

hahahahahahaha wah so touched la T.T thank you for also always finding me on google chat la, otherwise i would have been bored to death. friends forever kays! :D

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