Monday, March 1, 2010

PJ foodstuff

Okay, I'm waiting for my eggs to boil. (that sounded weird) I decided to give my readers an insight on what I eat in Petaling Jaya. Most people think living in PJ is like another world for me, but hey, I don't have ATM machine parents okay!

College cafeteria dish : Grilled chicken chop.
Comments : The chicken's good so are the potatoes, but the coleslaw sucks.

 My own cooking! Pasta bolognaise!!!!! Only one thing for sure, minced meat in every bite compared to stingy restaurants!!! LOL

This is a really HUGE banana. It costs RM 1 at 7-eleven, delivered to their outlets daily. It's filling enough for lunch. Just make sure your workplace/college has clean and comfortable loos for you to ahem after so much fibre.

My range of VONO MUSHROOM SOUP SATCHETS! What to do lar, no momma's loving soup anymore *sobs*

Okay, too bad I don't have a camera, but if you get to see this dish upclose, it looks like moulded swiss roll. It's called something Bomb! hahahahahaaha It's stuffed ice cream into a slice of swiss roll, topped with whipped cream. It's actually pretty nice. The KDU Hospitality students made it. But for such small slice, it does cost a bomb for RM 4 >_<

This cendol stall makes me happy on hot days after class. However, it makes me really really mad when I don't have a parking because this dude takes up one parking space. LOL
Anyways, it's Penang Cendol and Pasembur at the Choy Kee Restaurant parking spaces.

Last but not least! Spaghetti bolognaise from college cafeteria. Not so nice, but edible. I bought it cost the chef's cute. HAHAHAHA

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